Lumos Data Collection

Luminesca includes a piece of software called Lumos, which can be used to keep track of certain data. Whether or not you have this enabled is entirely optional, but this data is very useful to me as I continue to work on creating a better experience for as many people as possible!

If you choose not to enable Lumos, it will not track any data whatsoever.

If you do choose to enable it, it will keep track of the following things:
  • How many people are playing the game, and when they are playing it.
  • Any errors which are logged by while you play.
  • Gameplay-related things you do while playing. For example:
    • how far you get through each chapter
    • whether or not you find secret things hidden in the game
    • which parts of the main menu are used/ignored
  • Statistical information about the computer you are playing Luminesca on:
    • how much RAM (memory) you have
    • how many processors you have and how powerful they are
    • which operating system you use (e.g. Windows, Mac)
    • how powerful your graphics card is
Lumos does not track any personal information and it cannot associate these statistics with any particular individual (it's just anonymous statistics).

It is very lightweight; it operates silently in the background and should not impact on your game experience in any way.

If you do have any problems or questions please send me an email at

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