Thursday, 24 March 2011

follow Luminesca

Yesterday I announced Luminesca. Today I'd like to draw your attention to a video of an early build of the game, which shows some of the gameplay and art I've been working on. This is all work-in-progress material but it should give you a good idea of what the game will be like. Just click the play button below.

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  1. dude this looks really impressive, i love the dark aesthetic, like limbo meets the undergarden. a bit of echo the dolphin in there too (the jumping out of the water looks so sweet, could do some nice leaps of faith). I can imagine some nice set pieces with the physics engine too, like collapsing a structure to crush a big predator that's chasing you.

    Id say think more on the sound, i dunno why but i think something with a beat would fit the visuals more.

    Gameplay-wise what are you doing that's original? Im not being mean, just wondering how you'll make this stand out besides the art style? And is Lum going to be characterized? like is it sentient or part of a shoal that got separated etc? what's its goal?

  2. disregard the last bit, just read the "story" section, perhaps should have done that first. Would be cool to find out that lum's habitat is a puddle and the machine is a street sweeper lol

  3. Thanks! The gameplay has a mixture of influences and is somewhat influenced by them, but it has evolved into something which I think is unique. To be honest I'm not trying to necessarily do something original, I'd rather do something well. If people find that interesting then I've done a good job. :)

  4. well i respect that, but a set piece always help the game stand out in one's mind. Limbo for example, when i think of that game i see the giant spider legs. But i guess ur right, super meat boy was all a bit samey but it was the challenge that i recall most.

    Well anyway I'm interested in seeing how this goes. As i recall this started off as a 2d platformer you did for a uni project or something? :)

  5. Oh definitely, I'm not saying there won't be cool set pieces or anything like that (quite the opposite). What I'm saying is that this game does not pursue what you might consider highly innovative new gameplay mechanics such as Braid's time travel, but you will find lots of fun scenarios and challenges, wrapped up in a deep atmosphere. Hope that's not too vague. :)

    And yes, you're right about the university project. The new game is pretty different in gameplay though.