Saturday, 4 June 2011

end of the IndieGoGo campaign

Yesterday marked the deadline for supporting Luminesca on IndieGoGo and I'm pleased to announce that the project reached a total of:


I'd like to say a huge "Thank you!" to everyone who donated to support the game, your generosity makes all the difference. While the result of the crowd-funding campaign was a long way off its ambitious goal the money raised will be a great help in supporting development for the near future.

what happens next?

This is really just the beginning for Luminesca.  The plan is to continue making the game and taking pre-orders to fund development along the way (this may take a little while to get up and running).

The preview demo we have been working on alongside the IndieGoGo campaign provides a good foundation to build upon with a set of fun mechanics and interesting characters. Behind the scenes I'm drawing up maps and plans for the game's full story mode which is now beginning production.

If you donated on IndieGoGo you will be contacted soon.

Check back here soon for more news, or follow us on Twitter, FacebookYouTube or IndieDB for notifications.

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