Saturday, 18 May 2013

Luminesca now available on the Humble Store

Following some feedback from customers, I'm very pleased to announce that Luminesca is now available to purchase through the Humble Store, using the widget on the Luminesca website!

This brings several new benefits over the old payment system...
  • The Humble Store accepts a wider range of secure payment types than the previous payment processor including PayPal, Amazon and Google payments.
  • With a single payment you will have access to Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game. The previous system had these listed as three separate products, and customers were limited to just the one you purchased.
  • Humble Store focus entirely on video games, so it's a little more robust in that sense.
  • I'll be able to easily link Desura keys, plus Steam keys in the future (if the game succeeds on Greenlight that is, so send your votes this way!)
If you have already purchased Luminesca through the old system (Gumroad) I will be sending you an email soon with a free key for the Humble Store. It's up to you whether or not you use it, of course, but I recommend it! You can always gift it to a friend if not!

Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions or contact the Humble Store's excellent customer support team.


  1. Hello, I bought luminesca on indiegamestand . Do I have the right to a key humble bundle ?

    Sorry for my english and thanks for your game.

    1. humble store of course...

    2. Hi! I hadn't planned to go back and provide keys to IndieGameStand purchasers, simply because it wouldn't give you anything on top of what you already get through IGS.

      However, I'm happy to generate keys as and when they are requested! If you email (so I have your email address) I will send you a gift certificate.

      Thanks for your support!