Saturday, 9 April 2011

demo update: background colours

The latest update to the preview demo allows you to change the background colour by pressing C. There are four themes to cycle through, each one representing a different part of Lum's world.

The demo is available to anyone who has donated $5 or more on IndieGoGo, and the update is automatically applied at no extra cost. Expect many more updates to follow, this is just the beginning!

In other news, a particularly generous follower of Luminesca has donated a whopping $200 to the IndieGoGo funding campaign! That person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has my utmost gratitude and is the first to claim the Project Sharer perk. This means they will gain access to my Unity project folder, allowing them to see the inner workings of the game and modify it if they wish, perhaps build their own levels. There are more perks available (the rest of them are a bit more affordable!). Head over to IndieGoGo to see the full list.


  1. Where as to counter the argument of the above commenter I was happy to contribute towards Luminesca because i believe with enough contributions matt could make Lum into something truly special with your contributions buying him both the time and the help to furnish his completed vision of Luminesca.

  2. Your donation will be put to good use!