Sunday, 17 April 2011

demo update: biting bugs

An update has been applied to the preview demo of the game! This demo is available to anyone who has donated $5 or more to the IndieGoGo campaign, and all future updates are automatically applied at no extra cost.

Full list of changes:
  • The biting bugs have new graphics.
  • The bugs' AI behaviour has been expanded. They now have a dash attack which they will use against you if you get too close. This will also smash breakable blocks and set off glowpod explosions, just like Lum's own dash attack.
  • Bugs can now be defeated by hitting their exposed abdomens with your dash attack.
  • Added new machine part background graphics.
  • Created an escape route for the jellyfish area (you could get stuck up there if you used up all the planktids).
  • The exploding glowpods will now damage bugs, and their collision detection has also been improved.
As usual, to get your hands on this you just need to donate at least $5 to Luminesca's IndieGoGo campaign (or $10 if you want to pre-order the finished game).

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