Saturday, 23 April 2011

demo update: grabs, spinners and transitions

This third update to the preview demo adds a new ability for Lum, some new additions to the scenery, and some new nifty new improvements behind the scenes. See below for the full list of changes.

In other news, we've had a mention from our friends over at Gamercast, so thanks for that!

We've also received some more donations from generous supporters, bumping Luminesca up to $630 on IndieGoGo (including our second Project Sharer perk who will soon be having a snoop around the game code in Unity). There's still a long way to go, but every donation helps so big thanks go out to everyone supporting the game!

Finally, if you have access to the Members Forum (anyone who has donated $5 or more on IndieGoGo) you can now take a look at a gallery of Luminesca's reference images, art and photos.

Full list of changes:
  • Added 'Grab' ability. Hold left shift (keyboard) or A button (Xbox 360 controller) to grab hold of nearby floating objects.
  • Added sound effects for the 'Dash' ability.
  • Added spinning machine parts with audio courtesy of Nick Nenov.
  • Added an open body of water at the start to help new players get familiar with swimming around.
  • There is now a level transition system in preparation for some future changes. I will be splitting the level down into smaller chunks to make the game run more smoothly on slower computers.
  • Various improvements to the code: made objects find dynamically spawned player and optimisations to the audio system.
  • Respawn Points can now be reactivated after activating another point (before they were one use only).

1 comment:

  1. Fun! Instantly reminded me of 'eco' Megadrive/Genesis.

    Bit peeved when after my first death, I lost the ability to grab and dash and stuff.