Friday, 20 May 2011


Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd May

The Luminesca Free Weekend is now live. Click the link below to play it in your web browser using the Unity Web Player (installs automatically). I also recommend plugging in a USB game controller if you have one, it's much better than keyboard controls for this game.

(Sorry, the free weekend is over!)

Please remember...

  1. Luminesca is still in its early days and this is just a preview build demonstrating the general idea in a free-form sandbox level. The finished game will be much bigger and better and will follow a full story experience separate to this preview level.
  2. If you experience any bugs or have any questions, comments or criticisms of Luminesca I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email at or leave a comment below. Be as honest as you like! I take everyone's opinions on board.
  3. If you like this preview please make a donation on IndieGoGo to support Luminesca's development. Donating $5 or more lets you keep playing the preview as long as you like, along with free weekly updates.
I'll be answering questions on Twitter as much as I can this weekend: @LuminescaGame

Enjoy the game!

- Matt


  1. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to try out the game. More developers should use your strategy. I enjoyed the ambiance and graphic style of the game. I do have one qualm with the game, though, and you are looking for constructive criticism. The controls make the game frustrating. The force of the buoyancy feels too strong, to the point that the whole game feels like a struggle against rising upwards. When I play a game I want the controls to feel smooth and intuitive. Either the pull upwards should be lessened or the ability to swim down against that pull has to be strengthened. Either way, more control must be given to the player.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, that's very helpful! You're not the first person to mention the buoyancy so it's definitely something I'll look into. It will take some balancing because it also affects everything else in the game (I basically reversed gravity and then reduced a bit).

    Did you use keyboard controls or a game controller? I think this is the main area where a controller tends to work best. But I can't expect everyone to use one so I'll look into it.

    Thanks again for the feedback!