Friday, 22 February 2013

Luminesca now available for Linux

I'm very pleased to announce that Luminesca is now available for Linux operating systems! You can pre-order it directly from the website to get instant access to the pre-alpha builds. It's also available on Desura and Indievania.

Important note: Unity3D's Linux support is still in very early stages, so several features simply do not work yet. These are trivial issues for the most part, but please be aware of them before purchasing! I apologise for the shoddy nature of this first release but please remember that it is a work in progress and any issues will be fixed in subsequent builds. Read on for a full list.

Known bugs

  • No start-up options menu
    This is usually a standard feature of all Unity games, and it looks like this just hasn't been implemented by the Unity team yet. I've tried to mitigate the problem wherever possible but it will still be less than ideal for some players, depending on their hardware.
    • no resolution settings (defaults to 1024 x 768)
    • no fullscreen/windowed option (defaults to windowed mode)
    • no graphics settings (defaults to Low quality, but you can change it to Medium and High by pressing Escape in-game to bring up the pause menu)
    • no controls settings (most inputs are supported though)
  • Fairly low frame rate throughout
    Maybe this was just my system, but I was getting about 50-75% of the framerate I got under Windows 7 on the same machine. This may simply be down to a lack of graphics optimisation on Unity's part. I'll be doing optimisations across the board near the end of development anyway, but if it turns out to be a major issue I'll bring that forward in the schedule.
  • Progression-blocking bug where spotlight stops working
    I experienced a bug where I was unable to turn on my spotlight (right mouse button, after transformation early in Chapter 1). I only experienced this once and was unable to reproduce it, but it meant I could not progress as you need it in several areas. Restarting the game should fix it, but please let me know if you experience it. Any additional information would be very useful!
  • Web links do not work
    This seems to be another Unity feature than is not yet supported. There are a couple of icons when you start up the game which should take you to a URL in your web browser, but they simply do not work. These icons are the "survey" icon on the main menu, and the "?" on the data tracking confirmation. Again, these should hopefully be fixed in time but if not I'll see what I can do!

If you find any more issues I would appreciate any information you can provide! Email


  1. My only issue is that I bought the game on Desura several days ago but am still not able to download it from there for Linux. When I try to install it I get a requester saying "There are no available releases for you to play".

    1. Hi,

      This seems to be a common issue that other Desura users have experienced on Linux. The Desura support team had advised that you should try redownloading and reinstalling Desura itself. If that doesn't work, try the open source version.

      If that still doesn't work, you can always download the standalone build of the game from the Luminesca store page. It doesn't have the auto-update functionality though, unfortunately.

      I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know how it goes, or poke the Desura team as they know far more about it than I do!