Monday, 25 March 2013

Name your price on IndieGameStand

For a limited time only, you can pay what you want for Luminesca over at IndieGameStand and get some special goodies to boot!
  • Pay $1 or more to get a Desura key.
  • Beat the average price to get special bonus content: brand new soundtrack and a sneak peak at two early prototype builds.
  • Pay $10 or more to make it a bundle with IndieGameStand's previous game, Space Pirates and Zombies, and the next mystery game, plus all bonus content!
Head over there now to pick up a bargain, some special goodies, or both!


  1. Hi CrowbarSka! Just a question: Since I already bought the pre-release version, does that mean the only way for me to get the extra content is if I re-buy it on IndieGameStand?

    1. Hi Jack! Technically, yes, but while the sale is still live I'll hook anyone who's already bought it up with some downloads as a way of saying thanks for being an early supporter.

      Could you email please, so I have your email address? Also please state where you bought it from in the email. Thanks!